One-Pot Taco Spaghetti

PrintOne-Pot Taco Spaghetti One-Pot Taco SpaghettiIngredients1 tablespoon vegetable oil 1 lb extra-lean (at least 90%) ground beef 1 carton (32 oz) Progresso™ beef broth 1 can (14.5 oz) Muir Glen™ organic fire roasted crushed tomatoes 1 can (4.5 oz) Old El Paso™ chopped green chiles 1/2 cup water 1 package (1 oz) Old El Paso™ … Read more

Coconut-Crusted Cauliflower Tacos

PrintCoconut-Crusted Cauliflower Tacos Coconut-Crusted Cauliflower TacosIngredients1 small cauliflower, chopped in florets 1/2 cup unsweetened coconut milk 3/4 cup shredded, unsweetened coconut 1/2 cup almond meal (ground almonds) 1/2 tsp garlic powder 1 tsp chili powder 1/4 tsp turmeric 1/4 tsp sea salt Avocado Crema: 1 avocado 1/4 cup plain, unsweetened coconut milk 1/2 small clove … Read more

Taco Stuffed Pasta Shells

PrintTaco Stuffed Pasta Shells Taco Stuffed Pasta ShellsIngredients18 uncooked jumbo pasta shells 1-1/2 pounds lean ground beef (90% lean) 1 bottle (16 ounces) taco sauce, divided 3 ounces fat-free cream cheese, cubed 2 teaspoons chili powder 3/4 cup shredded reduced-fat Mexican cheese blend, divided 20 baked tortilla chip scoops, coarsely crushedDirectionsCook pasta according to package … Read more

Taco Salad

PrintTaco Salad Taco SaladIngredients1 pound ground beef 1 envelope taco seasoning, divided 1 medium head iceberg lettuce, torn 1 can (16 ounces) kidney beans, rinsed and drained 1 large red onion, chopped 4 medium tomatoes, seeded and finely chopped 2 cups (8 ounces) shredded cheddar cheese 4 cups crushed tortilla chips (about 8 ounces) 1 … Read more

Zesty Blackened Fish Tacos

PrintZesty Blackened Fish Tacos Zesty Blackened Fish TacosIngredients1 lb. (450 g) cod fillets 1 clove garlic, minced 1/4 cup Kraft Italian Zesty Lime Dressing, divided 1 tsp. chili powder 2 cups coleslaw blend (cabbage slaw mix) 2 green onions, thinly sliced 1 jalapeño pepper, thinly sliced 8 corn tortillas, warmedDirectionsHeat oven to 400ºF. Place fish … Read more

Taco Meatloaf

PrintTaco Meatloaf Taco MeatloafIngredients1lb lean ground beef 1/2 cup finely crushed corn chips 1 egg (beaten) 3 teaspoons chili powder 1 teaspoon cumin ½ cup thick and chunky salsa ½ teaspoon ground black pepper ½ cup shredded Mexican cheese blend Topping- 1 cup refried beans ¼ cup salsa 1 cup shredded Mexican cheese blendDirectionsPreheat the … Read more

Won Ton Taco Bites

PrintWon Ton Taco Bites Won Ton Taco BitesIngredients1 12 ounce package of won ton wrappers 1 14 ounce jar of pizza sauce 1 8 ounce bag of shredded mozzarella 1 pound ground beef 1 packet taco seasoning 3 tablespoons garlic salt 1 small bowl of waterDirectionsBegin by preheating the oven to 450° F Brown your … Read more

Indian Tacos

PrintIndian Tacos Indian TacosIngredients1 lb fried hamburger (beef/or Turkey) 2 (15 ounce) cans diced tomatoes 1 large green pepper 1 large onion 1⁄2 cup cooked rice 1 (15 ounce) can red kidney beans 3 teaspoons diced mild green chilies 1 teaspoon chili powder 1 teaspoon ground cumin Tabasco sauce, to taste 1 (16 ounce) can … Read more