Cherry Slushy

30 minutes

30 minutes

Cherry Slushy

Cherry Slushy


2 c cold club soda

1/2 c sugar

1/4 t cherry kool-aid mix

1/2 t cherry extract

2 1/2 c ice,crushed


Pour 1 cup of the club soda into a blender. Add the sugar, Kool-Aid mix, and cherry extract. Blend this until all of the sugar is dissolved.

Add the crushed ice and blend on high speed until the drink is a slushy, smooth consistency, with no remaining chunks of ice.

Add the remaining club soda and blend briefly until mixed. You may have to stop the blender and use a long spoon to stir up the contents.

If necessary, put the blender into your freezer for 1/2-hour. This will help thicken it up. After 1/2-hour.

Remove blender from freezer and blend briefly.

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