Crock Pot Honey Sesame Chicken

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Crock Pot Honey Sesame Chicken

Crock Pot Honey Sesame Chicken

Crock Pot Honey Sesame Chicken


4 boneless chicken breasts

salt and freshly ground black pepper

1/2 cup diced onion

2 cloves garlic, minced

1/2 cup honey

2 Tbsp tomato paste

2 Tbsp apple cider vinegar

1/2 cup low sodium soy sauce

2 Tbsp vegetable or canola oil

1/4 tsp red pepper flakes

4 tsp cornstarch

1/3 cup cold water

1/2 Tbsp toasted sesame seeds

1 green onion, sliced for optional garnish


Place chicken in crock pot and season with salt and pepper.

In a medium bowl, mix the onion, garlic, honey, tomato paste, vinegar, soy sauce, oil, and red pepper flakes thoroughly. Pour over the chicken and cover the crock pot. Cook on low for 3 to 4 hours or on high for 2 hours.

In a small bowl, mix the cold water and cornstarch to make a slurry, set aside.

Remove the chicken from the crock pot and place on a cutting board, leaving the sauce in the crock pot. Add the cornstarch mixture to the crock pot and stir to combine. Turn heat on to high and allow to cook until thickened, about 10 minutes.

While the sauce is thickening, shred the chicken into bite sized pieces. Once the sauce has thickened, plate your chicken and pour sauce over it.

Serve with rice.

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