Crockpot Beef Stroganoff

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Crockpot Beef Stroganoff

Crockpot Beef Stroganoff

Crockpot Beef Stroganoff


2 lbs stew beef

2 cans condensed golden mushroom soup (no substitutes!)

1 cup chopped onion

2 Tsp. Worcestershire sauce

1 14 oz can beef broth

8 oz button mushrooms, cleaned and quartered (optional)

salt and pepper to taste

8 ounces cream cheese, room temperature

1/2 cup sour cream


In the crockpot, combine the meat, soup, onion, Worcestershire sauce, beef broth, mushrooms, salt and pepper. Cook on low for 5-6 hours.

Stir in cream cheese and sour cream about half an hour before serving, stirring every ten minutes or so to break up cream cheese.

Serve over cooked egg noodles. After the egg noodles have cooked, I like to add them directly into the crockpot for about half an hour for the flavors to mingle and thicken up a bit.

If the sauce is not thick enough for you, add some cornstarch and water.

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