Easy Chickpea Burgers

Easy Chickpea Burgers

Easy Chickpea Burgers

Easy Chickpea Burgers


400g tin cannellini beans (240g drained)

400g tin chickpeas (240g drained)

2tsp paprika

1tsp garlic powder

black pepper


2tbsp breadcrumbs

2tbsp wholemeal flour

2tbsp sunflower oil


With a fork of food processer, mash the drained cannellini beans until not quite smooth. Add all the other ingredients apart from the flour and oil.

Form the mixture into 4-5 burger shapes.

Spread out the flour on a plate, and lightly coat each burger.

Heat the oil in a large frying pan, and then add the burger patties. Lower the heat, and cook slowly for 10 minutes, turning halfway or when the underside is browned.

Serve in burger rolls with all the trimmings, or crumbled over a salad.


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