Indian Spiced Tuna Balls

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Indian Spiced Tuna Balls

Indian Spiced Tuna Balls

Indian Spiced Tuna Balls


Albacore Tuna in Water-2 5oz Cans

Potatoes-3 medium

Crushed Ginger-1 tbsp

Ground Cumin-1 tsp

Ground Coriander-1 tsp

Garam Masala-1/2 tsp

Fresh Coriander- ½ cup chopped

Jalapeño-1 chopped

Cornstarch-2 tbsp

Dried Sweetened Cranberries-3/4 cup

Salt-to taste

Oil- to deep fry


Boil the potatoes.Peel and mash using a potato masher.

In the same bowl mash the canned tuna and all the other spices,salt, cornstarch and coriander.

Take a small amount in your hand and stuff 2-3 cranberries in the center.Cover from all the sides and roll into small balls.Repeat for the whole mixture.

In a deep pan heat oil and deep fry the balls until golden.

Serve with Sriracha on the side!

Serve hot or at room temperature.

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